Introducing Shareo; the innovative, alternative technology powering Mytaxio. 

Shareo, is a distributed cloud-based service that acts as a more beneficial alternative to the technologies used by other taxi app solutions.

Cloud vs. Distributed Cloud

Businesses such as Uber use standard cloud services to power their online taxi booking apps, and while these services work well, they often cost a lot to use. This is due to the fees that need to be paid to cloud providers such as Google and Amazon for the licence. This cost is typically passed along to the software user ( taxi operator), and our research tells us that the additional fees charged to drivers and customer can be as much as 25% more than they should be when an alternative distributed cloud-based service such as Shareo is used.

These charges are usually in the form of excessive booking fees that customers are expected to pay and the charges drivers  have to pay to use these services to collect passengers. 

What Does Shareo do?

Shareo eliminates the need for large, centralised cloud services, instead distributing the workload across all user devices. It essentially uses the strength of Mytaxio’s extensive network of drivers and passengers to power the software. The primary benefit of this is pricing. For drivers, there is a notable reduction in operating costs, and a portion of these savings can be passed along to the passenger to ensure a positive experience. Ultimately, it enables Mytaxio drivers to offer more attractive fares than competitors. 

Why we Use Shareo

There are many different cloud services out there, but the solution offered through Shareo is amongst only a few that have been developed especially for the transportation industry, making it an excellent choice to power the Mytaxio online taxi booking app. Shareo has been developed with integrated dispatch services, allowing Mytaxio users to quickly and easily book a taxi through the software using any connected Android device, and also provides each user with their own digital currency account, known as an e-wallet.

Using the e-wallet, passengers have the option to pay for their journey digitally by using a valid card registered to their account. Similarly, drivers can receive fares directly into their e-wallet and have instant access to their payments, without the need to go through a third-party taxi operator. We believe that the real time payment system brings unrivalled value to our users, which is why we use Shareo to power Mytaxio. 

Bringing Value to Our Users

As one of the top taxi apps for drivers and passengers, our aim at Mytaxio is ensure we’re always bringing value to our users. By taking an alternative approach to powering our app and using a distributed service, we’re succeeding in doing just that.