Why Start Your Own Taxi Business With Mytaxio?

Traditionally, registered taxi drivers have chosen to work for local taxi firms, and it’s easy to see why. Taxi firms handle all of the ‘back of house’ aspects of running a business, providing everything that the driver needs to find passengers and generate income.

However, there are many limitations to working for a firm, and at a time when customers are looking to gain greater control over their transport options, these limitations are becoming increasingly apparent. Today, taxi drivers want to free themselves from these restrictions, yet continue to receive back of house support.

That’s exactly what the Mytaxio taxi app solution aims to achieve.

Mytaxio is a hybrid solution, allowing registered drivers to start their own business while still enjoying the same marketing and fare finding benefits of a traditional taxi firm.

Here are 3 ways we’re helping taxi drivers like you to create a successful business:

1. We make starting your own business affordable

We’ve replaced traditional weekly operator rental fees with ‘Taxi Top Up’; a pay-as-you-go system for finding passengers which means you’ll only pay a commission on fares you find through the Mytaxio taxi cab app, helping to save you money. Perhaps even better, there’s no third party involved when it comes to payments; you remain in complete control of the money you receive, with instant access to your fares.

2. We provide instant access to a ready-made client base

Taxi drivers working for a firm are often heavily reliant on their operator for the fares that they’re sent, which can mean that making the leap into independent operations is somewhat nerve wracking. The Mytaxio online taxi booking app allows customers to order transport using their phones, giving you instant access to a ready-made client base, and with loyalty points on offer, that client base is growing at a rapid rate.

3. We offer continued support throughout your journey

By using Mytaxio to start your own business, you’ll have unlimited access to the Mytaxio smart meter; a completely free app meter and one of the best apps for taxi drivers. The app can be downloaded and installed on any Android device, and provides continued support for drivers as they build and develop their business. Regular updates (downloaded for free) ensure you always have the latest tools you need to succeed.

The Easy Way to Start a Business

Costs, customers, and continued support are three of the main obstacles standing in the way of small business success. That’s why we’ve built Mytaxio to directly address these common issues, making it easier for registered drivers to operate independently.