What is MyTaxio-Shareo?

When planning a trip, organizing business travel or just getting from A to B, a taxi is often the most convenient. At MyTaxio-Shareo, the aim is to provide efficient and safe travel at the best price. Using MyTaxio-Shareo allows you to book a taxi online and via our app, giving you the choice of the best taxis. We offer access to a range of taxi providers, that remove the stresses of town or city travel within 5 clicks on your phone.

Our Story

It started with a night out in Barrow in Furness, and now we are here… In 2019, if you are still calling operators to get a taxi, then it’s really sad and expensive as the cost of the wages for the multiple operators to arrange this on your behalf has to be paid for by you the customer.

Our mission is pretty simple, within five clicks on your mobile phone you will have the cleanness, safest and cheapest taxi available to you at all times making the whole experience as seamless as possible.

How Does It Work?

To book a taxi, just install and register with the Mytaxio-Shareo customer app, let the app know where you’re heading to and from and then allow the app to perform its magic to find you the most affordable taxi prices available. Traveling alone or in a group? Need to book a return taxi? Whatever your specific requirements are, MyTaxio ensures that you’re getting the taxi that suits your needs. The times of ”Sorry love no taxi’s for 45 minutes” we promise will be a thing of the past!

How Did It Start?

Patrick a Barrovian and our founder, stumbled across the taxi industry quite literately one night in 2017 after enjoying some social time with his friends in Barrow in Furness and then trying to catch a taxi home in the pouring down rain with a soon to be cold Chinese take away. Like all hungry and rather tipsy individuals that want to get home asap, he found it was like the wild west getting a taxi to his final destination. After several failed attempts trying to recall multiple taxi ranks on speed dial and after 45 cold and wet minutes wait, he managed to get on his way home. Not only was he wet, cold and hungry, he was then faced with a rather unpleasant experience from the taxi driver whose customer service skills were lacking to say the least, as he parted a large amount of money for the fare.

Having been on leave from his international offshore job with one of the world leading companies for all things ‘Remote operating systems’ in the oil and gas industry and been quite handy with ‘techie’ solutions he decided to look at change.

Upon a quick inspection of the local taxi industry in his home town, Patrick found two main problems with the taxi industry within the town. The first one was a controlling monopoly and the second problem was that all apps supplied by the main operators in the town were an extention of their taxi firm only and did not include all of the taxi’s in the Town, meaning you have to download four different taxi apps or call four different companies to try and get a taxi in rush hours!

Several days later Patrick took to social media to have a bit of a rant (like most of us do), along with trying to arrange a reliable taxi that will transport him to Manchester airport and only through a word of mouth recommendation on Facebook, did he get safely delivered to the airport by a great local family owned taxi firm. Just after arriving in Cape town many hours later, did the penny final drop after he pulled out his phone and ordered a cab that picked him up from the airport and safely delivered him to his final destination without having to dial 5x different numbers.

This was when Patrick asked himself the question, ‘I wonder how many fellow Barrovians are avoiding taxi services simply out of principle?’ That is when the idea of MyTaxio-Shareo was born.

The Next Step

Patrick Holm (Founder MyTaxio-Shareo) Got with some very smart people with the offshore industry and a small team of fellow Barrovians (his 11-year-old son, Fortnite expert and part time MyTaxio-Shareo product tester) and one former offshore colleague been Hany (CTO of MyTaxio), commonly known as the BRAIN and created a solution that we believe will provide not only a solution to the Taxi customer, but will also support and evolve taxi businesses of Barrow-in-Furness and the whole of the UK.

Just like you, a lot of our frustration and anger was initially aimed towards the taxi market, but as we started to learn more about the industry, and ask the questions others weren’t willing to, we’ve uncovered many more significant issues. Fuel prices, inefficient operator services and lack of customers ready to use a taxi because of the expensive method of transport, have been three significant issues.

For us to create a better alternative, we’ve also had to think about the supply (taxis) and the demand (customers).

Bringing Supply and Demand to One Place?

We see a future of the transport business where you pick up your mobile, Tell your phone (voice command) that you want to go from X and to Y, know how much you’re going to pay, hit request and all taxi’s available will be alerted to your request and one will be on its way to collect and drop you. 

No expensive hidden tariff fees and cutting out the middle man paying for someone to perform this task for you.

Love the ride? Provide your customer feedback after every ride direct on your mobile, making sure only the best drivers are part of our community giving power back to you.

Modern companies like Uber are often called trailblazers with their often crude tactics of driving (pardon the pun) local established taxi companies out of business with the cooperate superpowers and convincing customers that their solution is the best, but we are different as see value in our council registered taxi drivers and we have developed the tools to ensure these fellow local businesses continue to thrive in an ever evolving market to improve significantly the customers experience regarding both pricing and quality service. By working with Mytaxio-Shareo, we become your perfect partner in that we don’t request any open payment for our services only a reasonable amount of time to input your cars into our database for registration and of course a small commission after every customer delivered by you, as lets me frank we all need to make a living!

We address the issue of old unproductive and outdated taxi tracking management systems that cost operators money to control their taxi network thus passing on the savings to our drivers and customers.

We use our new and advanced platform that uses the power of most modern day (customer) mobile phones inbuilt powerful GPS modules, to provide pinpoint accuracy location of taxis that can be tracked all of the way to our customers front door.

We have a secure, transparent payment system based on performance and a safe payment collection, made simple.

Giving The Power Back to You

The MyTaxio-Shareo family care, we want to provide a better service than what already exists and were passionate about it! Our main aim to provide a green and efficient solution for your transport needs.

Let’s face it, we were competing nationally with some of the biggest and most resourceful companies in the world, but as a collective, we have a real desire to make a difference.

Now we are excited to launch our service Mytaxio-Shareo to the general public for real in the UK and create our path rather than following in the footsteps of others. 

But you can be the judge of that!