4 New Eco-Friendly Cars Perfect For Hackney Taxi Drivers

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When you sign up for the Mytaxio Shareo taxi app solution, you’ll need a few things to ensure your registration goes smoothly. One of them is your own commercial vehicle, and as a Hackney taxi driver, you have a huge amount of freedom in what type of car your drive.

Choosing a private hire vehicle is never easy, but most drivers today are showing a preference for eco-friendly cars that not only help to keep costs to a minimum but also work to protect the environment. So which new eco-friendly cars are great as TAXIs?

Here are 4 eco-friendly private hire vehicle options that are perfect for passengers:

  1. BMW 3 Series 318d Sport

While the 318d Sport certainly doesn’t live up to the bigger and better 320d, it is an excellent choice for a private hire vehicle. Why? Because this particular car provides both private hire drivers in Cumbria, Hackney and other areas in UK and your passengers with that iconic BMW experience in an entry-level vehicle (and an entry-level price tag). While it’s certainly not the most eco-friendly of options in the diesel category, at 113g/km it’s a lot better than many other BMW vehicles, including the 115g/km118d SE and the 118g/km 118d M Sport Shadow Ed.

  1. Dacia Duster

At 115g/km CO2 emissions, the new Dacia Duster edges its way in under the 120g/km eco-friendly cut off point, and if you’re looking for an SUV as your private hire vehicle, you can’t do better than this. One of the biggest benefits of the Dacia Duster as a PHV is its huge amount of luggage space, with plenty of room if you’re planning on doing a few airport runs. Perhaps even better is that this car offers a smooth ride even with an ultra heavy load, making it one of the most comfortable options (and affordable, too).

  1. Renault Clio TCe100 Iconic

The Renault Clio Tce100 Iconic is so new that it isn’t even out yet (due September 2019), but it’s definitely worth a mention. One of the most eco-friendly petrol cars of all time with CO2 emissions of just 100g/km, this car sneaks in at one of the lower vehicle tax bands, which means you’ll be keeping your vehicle costs to a minimum. But it’s not just about cost. The seat rests on the front seats are remarkably streamlined, offering incredible legroom for your backseat passengers and massively boosting comfort.

  1. Peugeot 508 SW

The estate version of the popular 508 saloon, the Peugeot 508 SW naturally offers more boot space (530 litres), making it the ideal PHV for any driver planning on picking up or dropping off airport passengers. While this may not be the most eye catching car of all time, what it lacks in aesthetics it makes up for with its comfortable (and easy clean) leather seats and Isofix child seat points to make your PHV family-friendly. Best of all, it comes in at one of the lower tax bands thanks to its eco-friendly 105g/km emissions.

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