4 Ways We’re Making Your Taxi Experience Safer in UK

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Taking a taxi in the UK is a very safe and secure way to travel. However, it’s natural to feel a sense of unease when getting into an unfamiliar vehicle with someone that you’ve never met before, especially if you’re travelling on your own. At Mytaxio Shareo, our aim is to improve Cleator and other regions customer experience and provide riders with greater peace of mind that they’re making a safe and responsible choice in riding with one of our Cleator Private Taxi Drivers and even the others areas mentioned.

We’re striving to transform the public transport industry by making taxi journeys safer than ever before. Here are just 4 ways that the Mytaxio Shareo taxi cab app can help you:

  1. We only work with council-registered drivers

All drivers that register to use the Mytaxio Online Taxi Booking App must be registered the council within which they operate. To register with the council, drivers must be DBS checked, and in many cases they’ll also be required to undertake an assessment to determine their driving ability and knowledge of the local area. This means that all our drivers have undergone rigorous checks, giving us complete peace of mind that your driver will offer you a safe, reliable, and enjoyable journey, right through from A to B.

  1. You can Book a Taxi Online in Cumbria with Mytaxio Shareo

In the Transport for London Taxi and Minicab Customer Satisfaction Survey, more and more people are citing safety when hailing a taxi as one of their biggest concerns. With our innovative taxi app solution, we give passengers a choice in how they ride. We partner with Hackney cabs that can be flagged down, which can be booked through the app. For riders who do feel unsafe when hailing a taxi, simply book a Taxi through the app which will arrive directly at your door.

  1. Meet your driver before you hop in

When booking a journey using the Mytaxio Shareo Taxi Booking App for Android, we’ll send you all the information you need to verify the identity of your driver automatically to your phone. This includes an up-to-date photograph of your driver, along with their Mytaxio Shareo customer rating and a contact number in case you need to get in touch. You’ll also be able to see what sort of car the driver is in, and the number plate. This ensures that you know exactly which vehicle is yours as you’re waiting for a ride in very busy areas.

  1. We collect and share customer feedback

As one of the top taxi apps for passengers, we believe that customer feedback is the foundation of our success… and we want to share that feedback with you. When you book a taxi through our service, we’ll let you know what previous passengers have thought about your driver through a simple star rating method. This not only helps you to feel safe during your trip, but also helps our drivers to build up a great network of passengers and ensures that fantastic drivers are getting the recognition they deserve.