Ambitious Cumbria start-up sets sights on improved taxi efficiency with innovative app

Taxi Services Cumbria

An innovative Cumbria-based start-up is looking to shake up the taxi industry with its revolutionary app platform and unique approach to the passenger, driver and operator experience in towns and cities across the country.

MyTaxio Shareo is the product of in-depth research by Barrow In Furness entrepreneur, Patrick Holm.  His solution uses innovative app technology to help taxi operators, drivers and passengers enjoy mutually beneficial transactions, additional ease of use and enhanced safety features.

The app has been trailed in Cumbria, gathering valuable feedback from taxi drivers and passengers across the region over a period of several months earlier this year.

Mytaxio’s Shareo subscription ‘pay as you go’ service works as a smart fare calculator and booking app. Drivers using it to carry passengers pay a small commission with customers seeing a transparent price estimate for the journey, based on individual council pricing. Passengers also get more choice, freedom and flexibility as instead of calling round multiple different taxi firms, they can just pull up the MyTaxio Shareo app.

MyTaxio Shareo is intended as a win-win for taxi firms, drivers and passengers. Private hire drivers can work via operators using the MyTaxio Shareo platform and Hackney drivers can supplement their income by using the app. Operators will still retain their own drivers and can use the MyTaxio Shareonetwork to ensure their taxis are full the majority of the time.

Patrick Holm, Managing Director of Mytaxio Shareo, said “MyTaxio Shareo is designed to work with operators, for drivers and benefit passengers. On the taxi company side, there’s no need to invest in costly apps or deal with updates. We want to bring operators and drivers together as a collective to make the taxi community far more efficient. We help operators promote their services to a larger audience and give drivers additional benefits to help their supplement their standard incomes.

“By offering a wide range of features that make life easier and more rewarding for both driver and user, we are urging anyone that either drives or uses taxis to join and share in the new taxi economy with us. From here in Cumbria, we want to revolutionise the industry for the better and help local taxi drivers and residents reap the rewards on offer from our new platform.”

When MyTaxio Shareo drivers introduce the service to their colleagues, they will earn a permanent loyalty commission for all their colleague’s future trips.

Users can rate their driver following any journey to reward excellent service, helping local cabbies get the recognition they deserve for offering a great service.

With voice recognition and five click hailing, Mytaxio Shareo makes it quick and easy to book a taxi too, with a zero booking fee and pre-agreed rates for journeys.

To find out more about Mytaxio Shareo and to download the free app, visit