Hailing a taxi made easier with next generation app launch from Mytaxio – Shareo

Book, Track, Relax

Passengers sick of queuing for a taxi, paying over the odds for a journey or left waiting for their ride to show up can now experience a different type of taxi as the innovative new app, Mytaxio Shareo sets out to transform the experience UK travellers receive all day, all around the country.

Mytaxio Shareo gives users the ability to jump taxi queues, know exactly who will be driving the taxi and rate each driver after the journey is completed. For added safety, customers will be able to review the driver’s ID before they get inside the car before they set off for their destination, ensuring total peace of mind.

When time is critical, the new Mytaxio Shareo app also allows users to hail the closest taxis in their current location instead of relying on just one firm to send their next available driver. This helps users reach their destination much faster than using traditional methods for taxi booking – Hackney drivers registered with Mytaxio Shareo and the council in each location will all receive automatic notifications telling them that a fare based on their current location is waiting.

With voice recognition and five click hailing, getting a taxi is now faster than ever, and users are able to book, track and relax when needing to get from A to B.

What sets the MyTaxio Shareo system apart from its counterparts is its ability to recognize and reward loyalty. It is also around 14% cheaper per journey than other solutions. Users that recommend the services of drivers with the Mytaxio Shareo app to family and friends will receive 2% credit for all future fares to use on future taxi journeys booked through the system. The Mytaxio Shareo Hackney Smart calculator works as a driver aid but also ensures that passengers never pay over the odds for their journey. It provides full transparency for passengers and drivers, with details about the taxi journey including, time, distance, waiting time and accurate estimated price. The Mytaxio Shareo Hackney Smart calculator can be downloaded by anyone who wants to check live Hackney rates of 360 boroughs across the UK.

All customers can access the calculated fees using the customer app and get an accurate, real time estimate of what their fare will be in accordance with their specific council’s published rates.

The next-generation taxi booking app, Mytaxio Shareo has considered the user experience from every angle and has put significant time and investment into creating a platform that not only allows for an excellent experience for users, but also offers a fairer deal to drivers who are often subjected to high rental fees or put at an unfair advantage when competing for customers with private hire vehicles or established App-based solutions.

With zero booking and Surge fees and smart calculator technology that uses pre-agreed rates for journeys, users of the new Mytaxio system can rest assured that they won’t be expected to pay more for their fare than necessary. The smart calculator will show how the fare has been calculated for peace of mind.

Patrick Holm, Managing Director of Mytaxio- Shareo Ltd said “Booking a taxi from multiple providers using just one app is at the heart of Mytaxio, but we’ve also taken things a stage further to make taxi journeys, safer, fairer and more rewarding for both the user and the driver.”

Gerard Nicol, Hackney Driver registered in South Lakeland District said ” I am new to the whole taxi App experience, but younger customers are all about technology these days, so I see this as positive way of getting more customers, without the need to sit on the rank when business is slow”.

To find out more about Mytaxio Shareo and to download the free app, visit https://mytaxio.com/