How to Register as a Taxi Driver With Your Local Council

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The Mytaxio Shareo Online Taxi Booking App is completely free and Best Apps for Taxi Drivers to download and start using once they’ve registered as an official Mytaxio Shareo driver right here on our website. We partner with licensed taxi drivers across Cumbria, helping to transform the transport industry and provide a better experience for both customers and drivers. To get started, the first stage is to register as a taxi driver with your local council… so how is that done?

Here’s your simple 6-step guide to registering as a taxi driver:

Find your local council

It’s important to remember that each council has its own rules and regulations for registering as a Cumbria, Maryport Private Taxi Drivers and even for the areas nearby and that you may be required to provide more information — or less — than is covered in this guide depending on where you’re based. You’ll need to register with the council that oversees the area where you’ll be working, so be sure you apply to the right place! You can find your local council on the Government site.

Book an assessment

Some councils require taxi drivers to undertake an assessment above the standard DSA test. This assessment will often include a local knowledge test and may also include mandatory disability awareness training, particularly for anyone driving a wheelchair-accessible vehicle. Passing an assessment is a vital prerequisite to registration, and various councils advise this should be completed before application.

Apply to the DBS

Various councils require new taxi drivers to apply to the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS), which provides peace of mind that drivers will operate safely. Becoming DBS-approved can take 4 weeks, so be sure to apply well in advance. The council will not automatically receive a copy of your approval, so you’ll need to provide this to them. If you’ve had a DBS check in the last 3 months, you don’t need to apply again.

Complete a medical form

Medical forms for taxi drivers vary by the council. Some forms require the driver themselves to complete the information, while others must be sent to the named GP for completion. This can take much longer, especially if you’re registered with a busy practice, so getting this in sooner rather than later is a good idea. You may also be required to attend a medical examination if you have certain medical conditions.

Fill out a data protection mandate

As part of their standard checks, almost all councils will want to contact the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) to confirm that you hold a valid driving license and that you do not have any prior driving convictions. The DSA can only share this information with the council if you provide them with permission to do so. You can do this by completing a data protection mandate, which may be supplied as part of the application pack.

Apply to the council

You will need to attend an interview with a local licensing officer to obtain your taxi licence. You will need to take your assessment pass certificate, completed application form, DBS form, driving licence, and recent passport photograph. Upon completion of a successful interview, you will be required to pay the necessary fee to finalise your registration. The fee varies, but is typically around £100 for new drivers for the first year.

Getting Started with Mytaxio

Once you have successfully registered with your local council, you can take advantage of the Mytaxio Shareo taxi app solution. As one of the best apps for taxi drivers, Mytaxio Shareo enables you to build your business from the ground up, giving you a head start and helping you to build a strong, loyal client base, working your own hours to suit.