Mytaxio – Shareo FAQ

MyTaxio Faq

What is Mytaxio Shareo?

Mytaxio Shareo is an innovative taxi app solution designed to improve the taxi industry. Using the latest technology, Mytaxio Shareo enables drivers and passengers to reduce costs, helping drivers boost their business and providing passengers with a positive travel experience.

Who is Mytaxio Shareo for?

Mytaxio Shareo has been created for both council-registered drivers and for passengers. We’ve created two distinct versions of our app, developing a feature-rich app for drivers and a streamlined online taxi booking app for passengers which is simple and easy to use.

How is Mytaxio different to Uber?

Unlike Uber and other taxi cab apps which use costly cloud-based platforms, Mytaxio Shareo is powered by a more cost effective distributed cloud-based solution called Shareo. This allows us to offer a similar experience while lowering the associated costs for our users.

Is Mytaxio just a booking app?

No. Mytaxio Shareo is more than just an online taxi booking app. As well as being used by passengers and drivers of private hire vehicles, the Mytaxio Shareo Smart Fare calculator can also be used by Hackney drivers, enabling them to share up-to-date fare details in real time.

What is the Mytaxio Shareo Community?

The Mytaxio online community is the central hub of the Mytaxio Shareo network. When registering to be a part of the community, both drivers and passengers can sign up for the Mytaxio Shareo loyalty programme, offering a 2% future discount on fares and travel rates.

Why should I run my taxi business through Mytaxio Shareo?

With Mytaxio Shareo, weekly operator rental fees are replaced with ‘Taxi Top Up’, ensuring you only pay commission on the fares you take. As one of the best apps for taxi drivers, we work to market your services to customers, enabling you to build your customer base. We also provide technical support with all things App related, ensuring your only left to concentrate on taking care of customers.

Why should I book a journey through Mytaxio Shareo?

Mytaxio Shareo is one of the top taxi apps for passengers, providing a quick, secure, and convenient way to travel locally. Our revolutionary, cost-efficient system allows us to offer our passengers highly competitive rates, and order taxis directly from your phone.

I’m a driver… how do I join Mytaxio Shareo?

Simply sign up! One of our local agents will be in touch to verify your documents and assist you in registering for a Mytaxio Shareo account. Once registered, all you need to do is add Taxi Top Up to your account and you’ll have access to bookings through the app.

How are drivers paid?

After the completion of every fare, the driver receives payment in full: no waiting! As a Mytaxio Shareo driver, you’ll have complete control over your income. Best of all, Mytaxio fees are deducted automatically from your account, so it’s easy to keep track of earnings.

I’m a customer… how do I join Mytaxio Shareo?

All you need to do is download our online taxi booking app and you’ll have instant access to the Mytaxio Shareo booking feature. Love our service? Your driver can sign you up to the Mytaxio Shareo online community, giving you exclusive access to savings and travel deals.

How can I book a journey?

Once you’ve installed the Mytaxio Shareo taxi cab app, simply follow the instructions for booking a taxi. Enter your current location and your destination address, and we’ll find a driver who’s available. You’ll be able to see exactly when your driver reaches you.

Can I cancel a journey?

At Mytaxio Shareo, we believe in complete transparency. When booking a taxi with us, we’ll provide you with an estimated arrival time of your driver and an accurate fare range. If you’re not happy, you’ll have the option to cancel before the booking is finalized.

How do I pay for a journey?

For complete convenience, passengers can pay for their journey through one of two methods. You can choose to pay your driver using cash, or you can pay or card.

Is Mytaxio safe?

We’ve made safety and security a primary consideration for all Mytaxio Shareo users. Our system allows for both drivers and passengers to leave and share valuable feedback, providing peace of mind and minimizing the risk of negative travel experiences.

Where do Mytaxio Shareo drivers operate?

Mytaxio Shareo currently operates throughout the Cumbria region, including Carlisle, Penrith, Keswick, Dalston, and Bowness on Windermere, for easy access around the Lake District and beyond. The App itself will work across the 360 Boroughs in the UK, but we are currently limited by cars offered at the moment. Hopefully, this will change in the near future.

How much does Mytaxio Shareo cost?

The Mytaxio Shareo taxi app solution is completely free to download for both drivers and passengers! There are no hidden charges when using our app: passengers pay an agreed fare for travel, and drivers pay just 14% commission on all Mytaxio Shareo fares.

Where can I download Mytaxio Shareo?

Both the Mytaxio Shareo driver app and the Mytaxio Shareo online taxi booking app can be downloaded for free in just minutes from the online Google Play store.

The Apple Customer version also available at App Store . The app is compatible with all connected Android devices, including smartphones and tablets.