Mytaxio Shareo launches Taxi app in UK with promise to reshape the future of the taxi industry

reshape the future of the taxi industry

The launch of a revolutionary new concept in taxi services is shaking up the industry and empowering drivers with the Taxi app in UK to succeed thanks to a brand-new system from Mytaxio Shareo.

The brainchild of Patrick Holm, the groundbreaking solution is seeking to level the playing field and significantly reduce operator fees by up to 50%, making taxi driving a fairer and more profitable industry for those that provide transport services to customers.

With many taxi drivers feeling short-changed by other platforms such as Uber, Mytaxio Shareo seeks to boost the earnings of drivers without the need to increase fares. It also puts drivers back in the driving seat when it comes to charging customers for journeys completed.

The ability to earn extra commission by adding customers to the Mytaxio Shareo system, a new feature proving it one of the Best Apps for Taxi Drivers that provide the driver with loyalty credits and driver ratings makes Mytaxio Shareo the next-generation taxi app that focuses on exceptional service and fairness.

Some of the stand-out features for drivers include booking alerts, upcoming ride details, a street pick up the smart meter with rates and smarter route management saving fuel and running costs with real-time notifications on which pick up is the closest.

From a financial perspective, the Mytaxio Shareo system also provides secure wallet payments and daily account reports along with the ability to earn more thanks to a unique loyalty program that can enhance driver earnings without passing on adding additional costs on to users.

Managing Director Patrick Holm says, “By only considering the wants and needs of a council registered taxi drivers and pairing them with the expectations of users of Taxi Services in Cumbria, we have been able to create a next-generation distributed cloud base app that satisfies both parties and offers real rewards for both driver and passenger.

“We are urging anyone working in the taxi industry who is council registered to try the Taxi App for Android for themselves with no risk or outlay for additional equipment and join the ranks of the drivers that are already seeing the benefit from our new, fairer system.”

With far more reasonable rental fees than industry leaders and pay as you go commission with zero risks, Mytaxio Shareo has been welcomed as the next generation of taxi booking services by drivers all over the UK.

Mytaxio Shareo can be used by existing council registered Hackney Carriage drivers. It requires an Android phone to run the Mytaxio Shareo smart meter and from there, provides transparent fare data, distance in miles, trip duration, waiting duration and total trip price with no additional set-up or equipment provided.

The new digital system is calibrated to local and regional council rate tariffs and can be easily tailored to work in any location throughout the UK.

For customers, the platform offers easy to Book a Taxi Online in Cumbria, and the option to track and relax safe in the knowledge that their driver is receiving a fair amount for their services and they can see a transparent break down of their fare. Customers will also be able to jump the taxi line, provide real-time feedback, download e-receipts for their journey and receive rewards for recommending their driver and Mytaxio Shareo services to family and friends via social media.

To find out more about Mytaxio Shareo and sign up for the free app to get started, visit