Next generation taxi hailing service – Removing the wheel clamp of operator costs with the Taxi app in UK

MyTaxio - Removing the wheel clamp

Download your SMART taxi meter free today and save yourself £400.

Who are we?

Mytaxio Shareo is a new and SMART professional delivery and marketing Cumbria Taxi Service and other regions nearby that want to support council registered taxi drivers to provide fast and efficient service to customers, at the best price, any time of the day.

We are an efficient alternative to traditional taxi operators, with a fair profit-sharing cost structure that has been designed by people who know how to develop IT related products, with always an eye in empowering and removing the road blocks to you the driver and the customer.

What problem are you solving for Taxi drivers?

Most drivers with their own car, are self employed and are mostly forced to work through an operator at high weekly rental costs due to no efficient alternative.

The biggest over head of running a taxi is fuel and operator costs, both of which we save money for the driver.

Allow drivers to build their loyal customer base

Free Smart taxi meter connected to the latest maps with pre-loaded fares included free.

Limit wasted transit time with No on board fare.

Protect and grow your market share.

Giving customers what they expect and want with this Taxi Mobile App.

Competitive market we will give you the edge

What does the current pain of taxi drivers result in?

High rental fees.

Business slow, you still have to pay your rental fees.

Working long hours

Limited choice of taxi operators due to monopolies.

Not having regular customers.

Increased fuel costs.

Cross Borough drivers collecting fares they should not.

Have you validated that customers will use your Online Taxi Booking App to have it solved?

Surveys suggest that up to 30% of mobile phone users would prefer online booking methods of hailing a taxi.

The total licensed and PVH vehicles in England in 2018 was 285,400 vehicles.

26% percent of people (55million) will use a taxi (8 men) and (10 women) on average per year.

Most users of taxis and PVH are those aged 17-29 years old with 60% using taxis for leisure /business purposes with 70% going 0-5 miles distance.

On average there is 4.1 licensed taxi and PVH vehicles per 1000 people in the UK.

Taxi drivers that work 6 & 7 days per week are 22% and 23%.

What problem does your product solve for Customer?

Saves customers money,

Eliminates the need for multiple Taxi Booking Application to be downloaded in your phone.

Don’t need to speak to an operator.

Allows live tracking where your taxi is and who is the driver.

Feel more secure.

We have the Hackney taxi fare prices for most Boroughs in the UK programmed to work through the app based on customer GPS location, so you know what you should pay.

How does it work?

Similar to Uber in functionality, but operating with the best interests of local registered taxi drivers at heart, while evolving a traditional industry.

Taxi industry growth

The on-line ordering space for Restaurants & Takeaways is growing year on year with 50% of food purchased from restaurants being eaten at home! The takeaway industry is quickly making giant steps to keep pace with the demand of the general public with national brands like Just Eat and Uber EATS leading the way.

The taxi industry in most rural areas are still operating in the dark ages and you the drivers are paying a heavy price for this, as operators are continuing to use the same traditional methods.

Even with Online Taxi Booking App that operators are using to make their operations efficient will not reduce rental fees drivers are expected to pay every week!

The Taxi industry in the UK is estimated to be around £9.7 billion per year and growing and we want to position you the driver to take a bigger slice of this your hard work deserves and this starts now!

The Opportunity

By joining Mytaxio, you have the opportunity to super charge your self-employed business on your terms without been shackled to high over head costs.

Our bespoke online ordering system and applications have been developed by our in house development team and are extremely easy to use.

Requests for Taxis are distributed from the customer apps via the fully integrated Mytaxio Shareo management system direct to your SMART driver app.

You can run your Mytaxio Shareo driver app in parallel with your PDA provided by your operator, so the risk from your investment of time is ZERO!

What does it cost?

Cost to join the service is FREE, the only equipment needed is a working Android phone with an internet connection and you can be up and running in less than 15 minutes after completing a simple registeration form.

Why join now?

The Uber affect –Uber has trail blazed through the industry, re-educating customers alike into the modern way of booking their taxis via apps rather than speak to the operator direct, especially with the growth of mobile technology. This is a proven business model that customers want to use worldwide.

Uber have gained massive traction and loyalty locally and internationally as they have installed their taxi hailing service into the conscious of customers.

Apparent questionable business practices of Uber and other similar Taxi hailing services, has resulted in many local traditional businesses going out of business and shook the industry to the core, as Uber have replaced these traditional businesses with the modern method of taxi hailing who have failed to evolve. In fact latest news indicates that the value of Uber could reach 100Billion USD such is their success.

Local operators have responded by introducing online booking apps that they are using to work alongside traditional ways of booking a taxi in a bid to meet this demand of hailing a taxi which they hope will save them money.

The problem for the driver however, is this still does not affect one of their largest weekly over heads which is around £150 -250 on average per week in operator fees that amounts to around 25- 30% of your takings for the week and in some weeks could lead to drivers working 12 -14 hours per day to make their money up some rural areas.

Time for change

In our community we see a vision of slashing the operator fees that you are expected to pay by up to 50% percent, that will enable you to reduce your work load and only paying fees after you have successfully completed a trip.

It’s time to be free of high traditional operator costs and take control of selling your Cumbria Taxi Service and in other regions nearby that will benefit you, rather than paying for an out dated operator service that does not care if you have not generated enough money to pay for your rental fees.

Product features:

  • Customer Taxi App for Android
  • Simple application interface
  • Trip Summary
  • Fare Estimate
  • GPS tracking
  • Secure payment gateway
  • Social sharing
  • Rate your driver

Product Benefits

  • Voice recognition and 5 click hailing,
  • Up front ID of taxi drivers before getting into the car,
  • Customer’s feedback of the drivers.
  • All local registered Hackney and Private drivers for extra safety.
  • Provide the opportunity to hail a taxi from a bigger pool of taxi drivers locally.
  • Increasing your chance of getting home quicker.

Driver App

  • Alerts for Online Taxi Booking in Cumbria and in nearby areas
  • Real time notifications based on who is the closest
  • Location tracker
  • Upcoming ride details
  • Driver loyalty program
  • Street pick up smart meter with rates
  • Wallet payment
  • Daily account reports
  • Customer recruitment
  • Smarter route management saving fuel/running costs.

What’s Unique

Patent pending technology IOT (Internet Of Things) solution that operates on the principle of a distributed cloud base technology. Uses the power of the hand set of the customer to perform all tasks rather than depending souly by the cloud (unlike Uber and other).

Running costs are significantly less which is why we can be very competitive.

Our platform of Taxi Services in Cumbria and other regions has been developed in house by our own team with the mind set to be independent of high costs of paying for cloud mapping services by using an alternative.

Business model

After the completion of a Taxi ride via Mytaxio Shareo, the fees for our service will be 14% of each fare. This will be clearly displayed by the drivers Smart meter inside the taxi.

After every customer drop off, the driver for Mytaxio Shareo, will invite customers to join the Mytaxio Shareo network (on average 30-50 customers per day) by adding their mobile number inside the drivers app an invitation will automatically be sent to them to prompt them to join the service.

The customer will be encouraged to join the taxi network, as new customers joining Mytaxio Taxi Smartphone App will get 2% discount off their future taxi fares.

Price example is for Illustration purposes only based on Barrow Borough tariff:

  • Driver and Customer X travels from 22 Croslands park Barrow in Furness to Askam costs £12
  • Mytaxio Commission 14% would be £1.68
  • Driver or Customer who signed up customer X would get 2% commission of 0.24p worth of credit
  • Driver or Customer who signed up Driver X would be 2% commission of 0.24p worth of credit
  • Mytaxio Driver X would make £10.32 from the fare with no other deductions.

How does Mytaxio Shareo get paid?

Compared to a local driver sent on this job via an operator, this job would probably be charged at a weekly flat rate of 30% per fare which would mean driver would get £ 8.4.

If the driver is performing on average 30 trips per day that is a saving £ 57.6 per day!

What are the methods of paying for a taxi?

Each Mytaxio driver will have virtual credit inside their driver app wallet. The credit can be purchased via the drivers app.

Before the customer requests a taxi via the customer’s app, they will be given an estimated cost for the journey that they are just about to take, based on their location and Borough their GPS signal is registered to. Once the customer accepts the fare price, the details of the trip will be shown on the smart meter of the driver’s phone that will be shown on the driver’s dash board.

All rides can be paid in cash, card or Mytaxio Shareo stored credit.

Once the ride is complete, the display fare on the SMART METER will be what the customer pays for.

The value of the monies collected from the fare will be deducted from the drivers app wallet minus the 14% transactions fees.

The driver will keep the cash!

Once drivers app credit runs out, the driver will cease to get customer requests until more credit is added to the driver’s wallet.

What is Credit in wallet?

All drivers have to have credit within their wallets to receive notifications of customer requests.

Credit can be added to the drivers secure wallet by purchasing credit or by using qualifying credit that is accumulated from recommending people to join the service via the loyalty program.

Mytaxio is a self governing network?

Mytaxio is not an operator or profess to be one, we are a platform to connect council registered drivers to paying customers as cheaply as possible, servicing both parties interests and taking a modest commission.

Customers provide driver feedback which builds credibility for the drivers within the network and will ultimately weed out the poor performing drivers which are not servicing the community well. In equal measures it will also promote and boost great performing drivers, thus increasing the quality of the Taxi Services in Cumbria and other nearby areas to all.

Customers are motivated to promote the community as they receive not only upfront discount on their taxi fee, but will also benefit from discount in the form of free credit for been an active user and recommending their friends and family who then go onto be paying customers.

Drivers are encouraged to introduce more drivers and customers to the community as they will get discount from their future Mytaxio Shareo fees (that are used to access the service), so this means there will be more taxis available to meet demand. All parties are winning from the community.

Sign you today!