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MyTaxio - Book, Track and Relax

Who are we?

Mytaxio Shareo is a new and SMART professional delivery and marketing Cumbria Taxi Service and other regions like Carlisle, Kendal, Workington, Whitehaven, Penrith, and other nearby regions as well that is wanting to support council registered taxi drivers to provide a fast and efficient service to customers, at the best price, any time of the day.

There has been something of an explosion of demand from people wanting to order food via mobile phone app in the country and the taxi industry is the same on a slightly less progressive level.

Most of the Taxi apps that are currently available to order a taxi online have limited features and are just a simple extension of picking up the phone and dialing the taxi operator. Most rural taxi operators booking apps don’t have the features like Uber and other have.

Using this type of booking method still costs the operator money as somewhere in the process the human operator still has to be involved in this process and paid accordingly to do this task on your behalf.

Mytaxio Shareo on the other hand, has been created to stream line and automate this process to ultimately save you money on each taxi ride that you take by just Booking Online Taxi in Cumbria and other regions, as we are a cheaper alternative to your traditional taxi operators.

With a fair profit sharing cost structure that has been designed by people who know how to develop IT related products, you can be assured we have the best interests of the you and the driver.

Our solution ensures that the taxi network is operated far more efficient at a cheaper cost, which in turn is passed on to the taxi and customers alike.

We are also a friendly bunch who shares the same common interest in ensuring we provide the best solution to customers in all locations.

What problem are you solving for me wanting a taxi?

Know ahead of time what your taxi will cost any time of the day or night

We are creating more supply for your demand for a taxi.

Taxi request distribution is far more efficient.

The SMART technology that we are using ensures that our platform contacts the closest taxi to where your GPS signal is located ensuring faster response.

All taxi journeys are at least 10% cheaper than normal fees from an established operator.

What does the pain result in?

Having to call multiple taxi ranks to only be told 1 hr wait until the next taxi is free.

Poor quality of drivers or cars and your feedback falls on deaf ears with the operator.

Limited choice of taxi operators due to monopolies.

Have you validated that customers will use your Taxi Finder App to have it solved?

Surveys suggest that up to 30% of mobile phone users would prefer Online Taxi Booking App for hailing a taxi.

Most users of taxis and PVH are those aged 17-29 years old with 60% using taxis for leisure /business purposes with 70% going 0-5 miles distance.

26% percent of people (55million) will use a taxi (8 men) and (10 women) on average per year.

Most 17 -29 year olds have high end mobile phones that have more power in them than the right shuttle to the moon!

On average there are 4.1 licensed taxi and PVH vehicles per 1000 people in the UK.

What does your product do for customers?

Saves customers money,

Eliminates the need for multiple taxi booking apps to be downloaded to your phone

Don’t need to speak to anyone avoiding the engaged ring tone when you try to call.

Most booking apps are not responsive, meaning you can’t get live data where your taxi is and who is the driver.

Your customer feedback matters and contributes to the good of the community

How does it work?

Similar to Uber in functionality, but operating with the best interests of local registered taxi drivers at heart who are empowered to work more efficiently.

Taxi industry growth

The on-line ordering space for Restaurants & Takeaways is growing year on year with 50% of food purchased from restaurants being eaten at home! The takeaway industry is quickly making giant steps to keep pace with the demand of the general public.

The taxi industry in some aspects is still operating in the dark ages and you the customers are paying for those providing a service in the dark ages.

The Opportunity

By supporting Mytaxio Shareo Cab Services in Cumbria and other regions by registering an account and booking a taxi you are not only supporting a local business, but you are giving a vote of a smarter way of doing your daily business even if it is getting you home safely from the pub without any one jumping in your taxi before you!

Our bespoke online ordering system and Taxi Booking Application have been developed by our in house development team and are easy to use. Requests for Taxis are distributed via the fully integrated Mytaxio Shareo management system.

You can order from where you are and state where you want to go and know how much your taxi fare will be in advance of executing the request and then see the drivers face who will be coming to collect you with the community score against their profile before you get in the car. Also if you fancy another quick drink at the pub before your taxi arrives to take you home safely, just track your taxi to your location.

Once your trip to home is underway, you will be able to quickly pay using pre-installed credit so that you don’t have to stop off somewhere to get some cash from a cash machine, delaying your journey.

What does it cost?

Cost is free to join and the only thing you need is a working Android phone to download this Taxi App Android (Apple coming in the near future) and you can be up and running straight away.

Why join now?

There has been something of an explosion of demand for people wanting to book their taxis via Online Taxi Booking App rather than speak to the operator direct which has become extremely apparent especially with the growth of mobile technology. Even with online booking apps that operators are using as a bolt on addition traditional way of booking a taxi, operators are trying to embrace technology to save them money.

The taxi driver in return for the receiving your taxi request has to pay a weekly rental charge for the operator, which guess what, is paid for by the person who is booking the taxi.

In fact the customer is paying for the person that you call to process and send the instruction to the taxi driver to collect you from your location, so you can see why your taxi fare is so expensive. This will only ever increase as the minimum wage increases.

Most taxi operators are starting to rent modern dispatch app packages that are usually purchased by the operator and are expensive per month which the operator needs to pay for, so this is then classed as an over head which you the customer pay for.

The same can be said for phone operators operating from an office, as they along with the office need to be paid for, again this all has to be paid for by guess who? YOU.

In our community all the above actions to get you home from the pub are done by only your mobile phone with the request going directly to the driver bypassing the expensive over head meaning cheaper fares for you the customer. It’s that simple cut out the middle man and save money!

Product features:

Customer App

Simple application interface

Trip Summary

Fare Estimate

GPS tracking

Secure payment gateway

Social sharing

Rate your driver

Share a ride for cheaper taxi

Product Benefits

Voice recognition and 5 click hailing,

Up front ID of taxi drivers before getting into the car,

Customer feedback of the drivers.

All local registered Hackney and Private hire drivers in Cumbria and nearby areas for extra safety.

Provide the opportunity to hail a taxi from a bigger pool of taxi drivers locally.

Increasing your chance of getting home quicker.

What’s Unique

Patent pending technology IOT (internet of things) solution that operates on the principle of a distributed cloud base technology. Uses the power of the hand set of the customer to perform all tasks rather than by the cloud. Running costs are significantly less which is why we can be very competitive.

All been developed in house by our own team with the mind set to be independent of high costs of paying for cloud mapping services.

How does Mytaxio Shareo get paid?

Your traditional operator dispatched driver, would get charged 30% per fare (via weekly rental charges) based on a daily average of 30 trips at an average price of 5-6 pounds

Mytaxio will take a commission of 14% of each fare which means more profit for the driver and cheaper fare for you with more future discount on future journeys.

What are the methods of paying for a taxi?

Before you request a taxi, the app will provide you with an estimated cost for the journey that you’re just about to take. Once you accept the fare, the request will be transmitted to all taxis within the location area and the closest taxi driver will accept the fare via his Smart dashboard.

All rides can be paid in cash, card/Paypal or Mytaxio stored credit.

What is Credit in wallet?

Credit can be added to your secure wallet by purchasing before your trip via Paypal or credit cards or by using qualifying credit that is accumulating credit from recommending people to join the Carlisle Taxi Services and the nearby areas.

Mytaxio is a self governing network?

Mytaxio is not an operator or profess to be one, we are a platform to connect council registered drivers to paying customers as cheaply and safely as possible, servicing both parties interests.

Customers provide driver feedback which builds credibility for the drivers within the network and weed out the poor performing drivers which are not servicing the community well. This will also promote drivers who provide an excellent service for the public as they will be promoted and rewarded within the community.

Customers are motivated to promote the community as they receive not only upfront discount on their taxi fee, but will also benefit from discounts in the form of free credit for recommending their friends and family who are then going to be their paying customers.

Drivers are encouraged to introduce more drivers to the community as they will get discount from their future Mytaxio Shareo fees (that are used to access the service), so this means there will be more taxis available to meet demand. All parties are winning from the community.

Final statement

We want to encourage all potential customers to engage with us by one of the following methods:

Like our page on social networks to support a local company trying to rectify an issue.

Provide constructive feedback.

Down load and Register as a customer and check out taxi fare estimator

Share with friends and family and be the first to qualify with our loyalty program to earn future credit that you can use for free taxi fares.

We just ask 5 minutes of your time to test and support what we are trying to achieve to transform our transport system.

If it’s still not for you, please come and say hi on our social network channels as we are a friendly bunch who are just trying to make a difference to our Town.

Sign you today!