What Does a Great Taxi Booking Application Really Need?

MyTaxio Taxi App

The truth is that there’s no definitive answer to the question ‘what does a great Taxi Booking Application really need?’, and that’s because an online taxi booking app means different things to different users. What a driver is looking for in a top taxi app, for example, will be very different to what passengers want from their taxi app solution.

Ultimately, what this means is that the Best Apps for Taxi Drivers won’t always meet the needs of passengers, and vice versa. That’s why we’ve created Mytaxio Shareo. We’ve worked to develop two versions of our taxi cab app — one for drivers and one for passengers — that each includes the most beneficial features and functions for that particular user.

We conducted in-depth research looking at exactly what drivers and riders want from the Top Taxi Apps, working to include these features into our software. This is what we found:

Drivers Want:

Easy Availability — Drivers want to be able to use the software on devices they already own. With the market share gap between iOS and Android rapidly narrowing in the UK, we’ve designed our taxi booking app for Android, which is on course to overtake iOS as the most widely used operating system in Britain.

Account Overview — One of the main reasons for drivers choosing to use taxi booking apps is for the business support they offer. This means that a good taxi app should be able to assist drivers in running their business by providing a full account overview of all completed, canceled, and scheduled fares.

Longevity — Ultimately, drivers want to know that the taxi cab app that they choose to use will stay with them throughout their career; they don’t want to have to change the software they use every few months. That’s why a good app should offer regular updates, which can be downloaded and installed for free.

Passengers Want:

Location Details — When passengers schedule a taxi using an online Taxi Booking Application, a great app should be able to provide details of the driver’s location using GPS technology. This not only helps to ensure passengers are ready to be picked up but also adds an extra layer of security and gives riders more peace of mind.

Fee Transparency — Unexpected taxi fares are now a thing of the past, and modern passengers fully expect to have a good idea of the fare prior to booking a car. A great taxi cab app should be able to provide prospective passengers with complete fee transparency, offering an estimated price range for the trip.

Driver Details — One of the aspects that separates a ‘good’ app from a ‘great’ app is the ability for the software to send the passenger details of the driver and vehicle in advance of the trip as a safety feature. Passengers also want to be able to leave feedback for drivers, helping others to feel safe in the car.

The All-Round Key to Success

As we can see, drivers and passengers want different things from their taxi cab app. However, there is one shared feature that all users want to see: a loyalty scheme.

Research shows that loyalty is powerful, which is why we’ve gone one step further with Mytaxio Shareo and introduced a loyalty scheme not only for passengers but for drivers, too. With Mytaxio Shareo, passengers can earn discounts on future journeys and drivers can reduce their weekly overheads in exchange for customers. So if we had to choose just one thing that the Top Taxi Apps really needs, we’d say it needs to reward users…

…no matter who they are.