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MyTaxio Shareo uses a special algorithm to ensure we find the best-suited taxi to meet your needs as quickly and as efficiently as possible. We provide the clients as part of the service and the registered taxis provide the transport services to the client…


We know that operators face an onslaught of issues:

  • The big, cooperate taxi hailing companies like Uber and others are coming for your business.
  • They have used their immense power to change the perception of customers who think it’s acceptable to pay a booking fee.
  • Customers want an Uber style taxi hailing experience using their mobile phone.
  • The days of people wanting to call an operator to get a taxi are coming to an end.
  • Cloud based solutions are very expensive and limit potential to scale up your business.
  • You need to constantly increase your taxi fares to pay for technology (such as cloud dispatch systems, which drives customers away.

the mytaxio shareo solution

  • Mytaxio shareo has developed a system that does not follow the Cloud based solution herd, like others you may be familiar with.
  • We have developed our own platform based on Mytaxio Shareo distributed cloud version'.
  • Our distributed cloud solution uses the power of the custome’s smartphone to handle all of the technology tasks.
  • Our operating costs are up to 50 x cheaper than cloud based solutions
  • We don't need to charge the customer booking fees to make a profit.
  • We believe our vision will make our company profitable, unlike Uber.
  • We want to share this vision and our profits with every taxi operator/agent to combat capitalism and level the playing field.
  • We want to work with you to safe guide our evolving industry.
  • Join us today!

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