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MyTaxio uses a special algorithm to ensure we find the best-suited taxi to meet your needs as quickly and as efficiently as possible. We provide the clients as part of the service and the registered taxis provide the transport services to the client…

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Current DRIVER issues

  • High operator rental fees
  • Business slow, you still have to pay your rental fees.
  • Working long hours.
  • Limited choice of taxi operators due to monopolies.
  • Not having regular customers.
  • Increasing over heads e.g. fuel.
  • Cross Borough drivers collecting your fares.

Our solutions to these issues

Become taxi driver

Why Become a MyTaxio Driver?

  • Cut your operator costs by up to 50 %

  • Promote your service to all your customers

  • Smart taxi meter connected to the latest maps with pre loaded fares included free

  • No minimum or maximum hours – you work as little or as much as suits you

  • Flexible hours that can fit around family and social life

  • Passenger star ratings help you avoid potential passengers who are likely to give you trouble or leave you waiting around for them and encourages them to behave properly in your car.


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