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Total deductions for each completed fare sent through the Mytaxio app, or when using the Taxi smart meter is 14% only, with no set up fees. This will be deducted from the drivers credit balance. Driver is paid normally by the passenger in cash or card/online pruchasing.

  • Each Mytaxio driver will have virtual credit inside their driver app wallet. The credit can be purchased via the drivers app

  • Before the customer requests a taxi via the customers app, they will be given an estimated cost for the journey that they are just about to take, based on their location and Borough their GPS signal is registered to. Once the customer accepts the fare price, the details of the trip will be shown on the smart meter of the drivers phone, that will be shown on the drivers dash board.

  • All rides can be paid in cash, card or Mytaxio stored credit.

  • Once the ride is complete, the display fare will be what the customer pays for.

  • The value of the monies collected from the fare will be deducted from the drivers app wallet minus the 14% transactions fees.

  • The driver will keep the cash!

  • Once drivers app credit runs out, the driver will cease to get customer requests until more credit is added to the drivers wallet.

To complete or update your Vibe profile, follow these steps:

Press the My Vibe button in the bottom right corner of your screen
Press the Settings icon in the top right hand corner
Select Edit Profile.
The profile page will have all information about yourself displayed to other users, including all tickets you’ve sold, still selling or looking for. It also includes your alerts, purchased tickets, offers and likes that are only visible to you.

To update your profile photo, simply click on the Photo icon
To update your banner photo, double tap anywhere on the Banner
To update your bio, connect PayPal, add your location or social accounts, go to the top right hand corner and tap the Settings button

Yes we welcome all of our passengers to take the time to provide feedback after all fares taken. This is mainly to promote and reward high performing drivers who have the communities best interest at heart.

On the odd occassion when there is a bad experience our passengers are also encouraged to send an email to the following address

  • Simple application interface

  • Trip Summary

  • Fare Estimate

  • GPS tracking

  • Secure payment gateway

  • Social sharing

  • Rate your driver

Prior to taking a trip with Mytaxio, you can either add credit to the value of what you have been estimated from the proposed taxi fare, or pay with cash or card.

Once you have arrived at your destination the smart meter will display your fare price and the driver will simply accept the fee from your virtual wallet or you can pay using other methods.


Simply search for an event/artist/city in the search bar and click on the ‘bell’ icon on the right hand side. Posting a ‘wanted’ ad will automatically set an alert for you.

At MyTaxio, we are committed to creating a greener environmental footprint, by using technology to provide a solution not only a cost saving but also create a solution that improves downtime of cars traveling around the town unnecessarily omitting carbon monoxide into our town.

With our Flagship payment system using in house designed micro payment coupled with tried and tested platform we are on the dawn of an evolution of a smarter and cleaner Barrow in Furness as our solution can be adapted to multiple users to make our town smarter, greener and more efficient.

Loyalty program, an online representative for you with free promotion, we are consistent and having online support, assist in opening new markets and appeal to a wider audience with zero overheads by trying the service.

Risk of failure to the taxi operator is very low versus investing in other services.

We have similar features to this service in that the solution we provide, but because we are a local startup business, we believe in using and promoting local business, by increasing their efficiency and create further opportunities for them to make money in the future.

We are a forward thinking company that has a technology solution that will save all parties money, but also improve their prospects to sustain their business long into the future.

MyTaxio is doing things differently to improve the experience to the customer. With our technology solution we can also offer other potential revenue streams for a taxi to be utilized, this including shopping, deliveries, etc. all from the power of customers mobile phones.

MyTaxio has been designed not due to an outstanding need by the customer for another taxi service, but to significantly evolve the taxi business.

.All passengers who choose to use the secure wallet as a method of payment, just have to provide the mobile telephone number of their account and the driver will be able to see how much credit the customer has. Credit will be shown as soon as the car stops. Once this happens, the driver just selects pay by wallet and the payment is taken straight away. Quick and easy!!

You will be asked to connect your PayPal or Google Pay before you request a taxi.

Alternatively, you can connect your PayPal or Google Pay account by following these steps:

Press the Profile button in the bottom right corner of your screen
Select Edit Profile

Profile of the user you’d like to report > settings button in the top right hand corner > report user.

All drivers have to have credit within their wallets to receive notifications of customer requests.

Credit can be added to the drivers secure wallet by purchasing credit or by using qualifying credit that is accumulated from recommending people to join the service via the loyalty program.

Please email with your name and email you’ve used to register. We will not refund any money which is left inside your Secure wallet account.


Just type @ and the other user’s name – for example, @johndoe

If your friends and family are not on the app but you feel they will want to join the network to get cheaper priced taxi rides, you can press the share button in the app and select which social networks you want to share with.

Remember the more shares and friends you invite the more discount you get off your future rides if your friends go on to be paying customers!

We are not an operator in the traditional sense as we don’t charge you the driver an unfair fixed fee weather it a busy or quite week. We charge you reasonably based on every completed taxi ride on a commission basis of 14% of completed booking through MyTaxio app. It’s in our interest to get you as much business as we can without unfairly over charging you if you have a quite week of business.

  • Similar to Uber in functionality, but operating with the best interests of local registered taxi drivers at heart, while evolving a traditional industry.

Ultimately the power is in the people’s hands. Vibe is a completely peer-to-peer service. We offer a two way verification process through email and mobile number. To ensure we only have legitimate users, we permanently have someone sifting through any new Vibe profiles to check for authenticity and anything that seems unusual.

All drivers with our taxi network are registered licensed Council taxi drivers so they all have to pass strict council approved checks to become a driver in the first place.

There is no difference between ordering a taxi driver through Mytaxio and a taxi rank, they are still approved!

In short you cant!

However the chances are far less because the people who use your taxi via our platform will all have to registered through our customer app, meaning that their behaviour will hopefully be at a higher standard. Both Customers and drivers actions will be monitored and both have the ability of raising a request of support ticket via their respective apps and we will do everything we can try and resolve disputes fairly.

We may monitor behaviour of passenger and driver apps in real-time and offline and if we feel that both parties are acting suspiciously we may intervene. Your personal data will be kept and used according with Privacy Policy.

We would like everyone to feel safe in our app, so if you spot someone acting suspiciously, please report it to our team via, so they can do necessary checks.

If you have a situation that cant be resolved amicably we have a dispute button within the Taxi and customer app and you will be requested to forward this dispute to

Cost to join the service is FREE, the only equipment needed is a working Android phone with an internet connection and you can be up and running in less than 15 minutes after completing a simple registration form.

  • Booking Alerts

  • Real time notifications based on who is the closest

  • Location tracker

  • Upcoming ride details

  • Driver loyalty program

  • Street pick up smart meter with rates

  • Wallet payment

  • Daily account reports

  • Customer recruitment

  • Smarter route management saving fuel/running costs.


  • Voice recognition and 5 click hailing,

  • Up front ID of taxi drivers before getting into the car,

  • Customer feedback of the drivers.

  • All local registered Hackney and Private drivers for extra safety.

  • Provide the opportunity to hail a taxi from a bigger pool of taxi drivers locally.

  • Increasing your chance of getting home quicker.

  • Patent pending technology IOT (Internet Of Things) solution that operates on the principle of a distributed cloud base technology. Uses the power of the hand set of the customer to perform all tasks rather than depending souly by the cloud (unlike Uber and other).

  • Running costs are significantly less which is why we can be very competitive.

  • Our platform has been developed in house by our own team with the mind set to be independent of high costs of paying for cloud mapping services by using an alternative.

Mytaxio is currently a free service for the customer. The customer will be charged the standard Google Pay or Pay Pal charges (please review their website for charges) when purchasing Mytaxio credit.

Of course you will also pay for your taxi ride.

Vibe is currently free for buyers.

  • Most drivers with their own car, are self employed and are mostly forced to work through an operator at high weekly rental costs due to no efficient alternative.

  • The biggest over head of running a taxi is fuel and operator costs, both of which are looking to save money for the driver.

  • Allow drivers to build their loyal customer base

  • Free Smart taxi meter connected to the latest maps with pre-loaded fares included free.

  • Limit wasted transit time with No on board fare.

If you haven’t received the verification email, we advise to check if you’ve registered a correct email address and check your spam folder. If you still can’t locate it, please drop us an email on so we can check this out for you right away.

  • Know ahead of time what your taxi will cost any time of the day or night

  • We are creating more supply for your demand for a taxi.

  • Taxi request distribution is far more efficient.

  • The SMART technology that we are using ensures that our platform contacts the closest taxi to where your GPS signal is located ensuring faster response.

  • All taxi journeys are at least 10% cheaper than normal fees from an established operator.

Please make sure that your account is verified with PayPal and does not have any restrictions – before connecting it to your Vibe account. You can find out more about PayPal verification here. If you are still experiencing problems, please drop us an email on

Drop us an email on and we will check out the user’s profile. You can also report or block the user from within the app.

Just install the app onto the device, sign up online, upload some documents and activate your account. No expensive fancy equipment needed.

We want our app to be a safe and fun place for everyone. If we find that a user infringes our Terms and Conditions, we may need to suspend their account. If you feel that your account has been suspended by mistake, please email

Common reasons why we would suspend an account:

Fraudulent activity
Abuse to a customer or taxi driver

Repeated delays of collecting customers from their location
Harassment or abuse towards another user

Not to worry. If you haven’t accepted an offer from a buyer on Vibe your ticket will not be sold. You can delete your ticket listing by following these steps:

Press the Profile button in the bottom right corner of your screen
Select the ticket listing you want to delete
Press the Settings icon in the top right hand corner
Press Delete.

Please drop us an email on Alternatively, contact us via Twitter on @HelpMeVibeand we will be happy to help!

You can easily split your tickets using a PDF Splitter such as Split PDF.

Please get in touch with us on if you have sold or bought tickets for a rescheduled event.

If the event you’re going to has been rescheduled, you should find out the conditions of validity of those tickets. If the tickets are valid for the new date:

And the buyer would like to attend the new date, then no further action is needed.
But the buyer cannot make the new date + the event organisers are offering refunds + buyer would like to apply for this refund, then they must return the tickets to the seller, who then needs to apply for a refund on buyer’s behalf.
If the tickets are not valid for the new date:

Then these tickets must be returned to the seller, in order to be exchanged for new ones.
Always keep in touch between each other, in case any further information or changes come up prior to the event. If you cannot get in touch with the buyer or seller, please drop us an email on

Please get in touch with us on if you have sold or bought tickets for a cancelled event.

If the event has been cancelled, most events will refund the original buyer of the tickets. The seller then must refund the buyer accordingly.

Some events may require the buyer to return the tickets to original purchaser, so they can apply for a refund.

If the event organiser does not issue a refund, the seller will not be required to refund the buyer.

If you cannot get in touch with the buyer or seller, please drop us an email on

  • Saves customers money,

  • Eliminates the need for multiple taxi booking apps to be downloaded to your phone.

  • Don’t need to speak to an operator.

  • Allows live tracking where your taxi is and who is the driver.

  • Feel more secure.

  • We have the Hackney taxi fare prices for all of the 317 district Boroughs in the UK programmed to work through the app based on customer GPS location, so you know what you should pay.

We advise that all our users complete payment via PayPal Goods & Services, which is now integrated in the app. Paying via a BACS (Bank Transfer) or outside of the Vibe Tickets app will mean that you will not get any buyer/seller protection, if anything goes wrong. Learn more about PayPal Buyer & Seller protection here.

Straight away! (Providing that your PayPal account isn’t limited or you are new PayPal user).

The seller should receive the funds into their account straight away. However, in certain instances the funds may not reach your account:

Incorrect PayPal email has been used.
Your PayPal is new, so the funds will not be available to withdraw for 21 days.

The Uber affect –There has been an explosion of demand after Uber has trail blazed through the industry, re-educating customers alike into the new way of booking their taxis via apps rather than speak to the operator direct, especially with the growth of mobile technology. This is a proven business model that customers want to use world wide.

Uber have gained massive traction and loyalty locally and internationally as they have installed their taxi hailing service into the conscious of customers.

Apparent questionable business practices of Uber and other Taxi hailing services, has resulted in many local traditional businesses going out of business and shook the industry to the core, as Uber have replaced these traditional businesses with a new method of taxi hailing who have failed to evolve. In fact latest news suggests that the upcoming IPO for Uber could reach 100Billion USD such is their success.

Local operators have responded by introducing online booking apps that they are using to work alongside traditional ways of booking a taxi in a bid to meet this demand of hailing a taxi which they hope will save them money.

The problem for the driver however, is this still does not affect one of their largest weekly over heads which is around 150 -250 on average per week in operator fees that amounts to around 25- 30% of your takings for the week and in some weeks could lead to drivers working 12 -14 hours per day to make their money up some rural areas.

If you’ve paid via our app you are entitled to PayPal Buyer Protection. If there is a problem with your transaction, please report this immediately to our customer service team through and raise a dispute with PayPal.

Make sure you obtain evidence in regard to the invalidity of the tickets from the venue in a form of a stamp or a letter as proof that you were refused entry. You will then need to submit the evidence when opening a dispute against the seller.

Find out more details about what PayPal Buyer and Seller protection here.

We strongly advise using Royal Mail Special Delivery Guaranteed service. This delivery method is tracked, requires a signature and offers up to £500 for loss or damage. You MUST provide the tracking number on your PayPal transaction in order to receive seller protection. Find out more about this service.

Mytaxio is not an operator or profess to be one, we are a platform to connect council registered drivers to paying customers as cheaply and safely as possible, servicing both parties interests.

Customers provide driver feedback which builds credibility for the drivers within the network and weed out the poor performing drivers which are not servicing the community well. This will also promote drivers who provide an excellent service for the public as they will be promoted and rewarded within the community.

Customers are motivated to promote the community as they receive not only upfront discount on their taxi fee, but will also benefit from discount in the form of free credit for recommending their friends and family who then go onto be paying customers.

Drivers are encouraged to introduce more drivers to the community as they will get discount from their future Mytaxio fees (that are used to access the service), so this means there will be more taxis available to meet demand. All parties are winning from the community.

Get in touch with our Customer Care team at any time of the day by emailing Or you can always drop us a tweet on @HelpMeVibe or contact us via live chat on

Our customer care team are on hand – Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.