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Ulverston is a small town in Cumbria which has a fine market right in the centre of Furness peninsula with old buildings and a labyrinth of cobbled streets. Ulverston itself is known as the festival town. Temporarily stalls are set up every Thursday and Saturday, selling fresh goods. Ulverston hosts several festivals every single year like flag, Furness tradition and music.

Ulverston’s most visible landmark is Hoad Monument, a concrete structure built in 1850 to commemorate statesman and local resident Sir John Barrow.┬áThe monument provides views of the surrounding area, including Morecambe Bay and parts of the Lake District.

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Ulverston is surrounded by the following tourist attractions:

Laural and Hardy Museum

Leisure Centre

Coronation Hall

Hoad Monument

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Taxi Drivers in Ulverston

Taxi drivers in Ulverston are very professional. They are enthusiastic and well-aware of their surroundings. Being highly patient and knowledgeable of the local area they are known for their safe driving skills across the region.

Other features available features:

Wheelchair accessible taxis (special requests).

Ulverston Airport Taxis

4 to 8 seated vehicles

Saloon cars

People carriers

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