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Wigton is a market town in Cumbria, England. Historically in Cumberland, it just lies outside the Lake District in the borough of Allerdale. Wigton is at the center of the Solway Plain, between the Cal beck Fells and the Solway coast. The triangular market place was the center of the medieval town of Wigton.  Several buildings around the market place are of Georgian style, and the upper storeys have altered little.

Wigton is surrounded by the following tourist attractions:

All Saints Church, Boltongate

Mark Woodward Classic Events

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Hackney Carriage Taxi Drivers in Wigton

Hackney Carriage taxi drivers in Wigton are very professional. They are enthusiastic and well-aware of their surroundings. Being patient and knowledgeable of the local area they are known for their safe driving skills across the region.

Other features available features:

Wheelchair accessible taxis (special requests).

Airport runs covered

4 to 8 seated vehicles

Saloon cars

People carriers

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